Non-NHS Services

(allow 2-3 weeks)
(payable in advance)
GP Letter36.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate36.00
Fitness to attend Gym/Activity Certificate36.00
Private Sick Certificate36.00
Shotgun Licence Certificate36.00
Holiday Cancellation Certificate/Form36.00
Other Straightforward Certificates36.00
Camp America/Voluntary Work Abroad Forms40.00
School Fees Insurance Claim Form36.00
OFSTED form91.00
Provident Association Claim Form (BUPA/PPP)30.00
Bus Pass Concession Forms20.00
Cremation Fees82.00
Police Questionnaire38.00
DWP DS150017.70
Capita (PIP)40.20
Army Questionnaire78.00
Section Fee57.00
Medicals and Reports
GPR Insurance Report104.00
GPR Supplementary Reports/Medical information40.00
AH1 (Health Assessment on a prospective carer)93.32
AH2 (Adult 2) (Subsequent reviews from GP records)30.18
Medicals and Reports (HGV, Taxi, LGV, PSV, Elderly drivers, minibus)120.00
Reports to DVLA (No Examination)48.00
Reports to DVLA (With Examination)102.00
Medical reports requested from Insurance companies/solicitors/employers/occupational health, these fees are a guide and will be discussed on request depending on time taken. 89.50 – 250.00
Power of Attorney no solicitor – no visit100.00
Power of Attorney no solicitor – with visit150.00
Private Patient Spirometry70.00
Private Home Visit90.00
Private ECG Recording65.00
Private Consultation (10 mins)48.00
Private Telephone Consultation25.00
Private Blood Pressure15.00
Private Blood Test£25 plus lab charge
Private Prescription18.00
International Certificate of Vaccination (ACWY)25.00
Tick-borne Encephalitis (3 Doses)186.00
Meningitis Vaccination including Certificate125.00
Rabies (3 doses)185.00
Hepatitis B (3 doses @ £50)150.00