First Contact Practitioners (FCP)

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New Service starting 17 February 2021

Our First Contact Practitioners (FCPs) are physiotherapists with extensive experience and advanced skills necessary for:

  • Assessing patients (18 years of age or over) with back, neck, joint or muscle pain / sprain, which could be longstanding or after a recent injury.
  • Giving expert advice on how best to manage these conditions
  • Referring patients to physiotherapy for a course of physiotherapy treatment or to our specialist MSK team or into secondary care services using the same pathways as GPs.
  • Requesting X-rays and blood tests

By having a FCP working within a GP practice, patients will have quicker access to help them manage their condition more effectively and recover faster.  

Patients can book an appointment by contacting the practice’s reception who will ask you a few questions about your condition before booking you in for a FCP appointment.