UPDATE 19/03/21 COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

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We are receiving a significant number of calls from patients concerned about their COVID-19 vaccination following the recent news that vaccine supply will be significantly constrained for the next few weeks.

We would therefore like to confirm the following to all of our patients

  • If you have an appointment for your first dose vaccination at one of our vaccination centres, this is not affected and you should still attend
  • We are assured by NHSE England that the supply issues will not affect 2nd dose vaccinations, therefore we do not expect any disruption to 2nd dose clinics
  • 2nd dose clinics will take place between 11 and 12 weeks after 1st dose clinics.  You will automatically receive an invite for your 2nd dose no more than a week prior to your 2nd dose clinic.  Please do not call the practice unless asked to do so
  • If you are in one of the top 9 cohorts and are waiting for your first dose vaccination, we will contact you to arrange your appointment as soon as we have available vaccine and confirmed clinic dates.  In line with national guidance we continue to work through our patient lists in cohort order. Please do not call the practice unless you have been asked to do so.
  • As soon as we have confirmation of vaccine deliveries for first doses we will arrange clinics and send out invites.  Please respond to invites as quickly as you can after receiving them.
    • If you receive an invite but do not wish to be vaccinated, please click on the link and ‘decline’ the invitation so we can offer an appointment to another patient

We would like to thank those patients who continue to treat our staff and volunteers with patience, kindness, and respect at a time when our teams are working under increased pressure to keep you safe and well. It is very much appreciated.